Marketing Your Home

Our efforts produce results. Once your home is listed, Jennifer and Nicole will be ready to get it sold! A competitive marketing strategy is imperative to expose your home to the public, and Jennifer and Nicole have the experience, knowledge, and resources to ensure that your property will be well-received. With time-old strategies combined with up-and-coming techniques, Jennifer and Nicole’s approach will always ensure you’re one step ahead.

The For Sale sign – a traditional ‘staple’ of real estate advertising, our recognized ‘RE/MAX’ sign posted in your yard will quickly identify your intention to sell to passers-by. Consider it your 24 hour advertiser.

The Club Real Estate Magazine – A monthly high-quality magazine publication delivered to area businesses and available to consumers free-of-charge. Our full page advertisement will showcase your property and encourage interested Buyers to contact us for further information.  The Club Real Estate Magazine is also made available online and makes up a vital network of active Realtors who will share this information with colleagues and prospects.

Lock Box – We’ll install a secure box on your front doorknob that contains a key to your home inside. Allowing Realtors access will make it easy for potential Buyers to view your home. Of course, no appointment will take place unless we have made arrangements with you. Rest assured, our lockbox system ensures your home will remain secure, and full accountability is enforced from anyone entering your home while it is listed.

Feature Sheets – We will provide printed information outlining the qualities of your home to interested Buyers. This information will also be circulated to those within our sphere of influence including area banks who are affiliated with our business.

The Power of the Internet – Your home will be advertised on many websites, including,,,,, and,, With the ever evolving world of the web, a strong presence and easily accessible site will be sure to get your property noticed by an interested audience around the world.  We are conscientious of web positioning and priority search results and maintain pinnacle ranking based on several domain names.  This will ascertain that our efforts will remain at top of prospector’s searches.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) – Allowing your property to be viewed by the public via, this database also provides abundant publicity to thousands of realtors who are searching for properties on behalf of their clients.  As the first ‘go-to’ for most industry leaders, this database will keep your listing in the forefront of those searching for a compatible match through defined searches, and email updates.

Social Media – The direction that communication is going in can’t be ignored. Jennifer and Nicole are aware of this progress and ready to grow with the times. Jennifer and Nicole are ‘plugged in’ to several outlets including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube to ensure that networking is always taking place.  More contacts exposed to our business means more exposure for your listing too. – This networking tool serves as just another way to stay connected. Jennifer has been hand selected to represent the London area as a premium Realtor with an outstanding reputation for success. This affiliation speaks to the quality of service you will encounter and provides a credible reference for our business strategies and workmanship standards. Check out to learn more!

Email Marketing – We’ll circulate your listing via email to those within our sphere of influence who can propel the exposure of your home, create positive ‘buzz’, and help get your property noticed!

Beyond all this – Expect Jennifer and Nicole to field all leads generated from advertising sources, reverse prospect match, follow-up on showings for valuable feedback, produce regular service reviews outlining the progress made, comments collected, and direction advised for a successful sale.

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