Scents and Cents – How can Smell Impact your Bottom Line?

The way your home smells can have a huge impact on a prospective Buyer’s impression.  A Buyer’s perception of your property will influence desirability, directly influencing the amount of money they might be willing to pay.  This is precisely why Sellers often go to great lengths to prepare their home to sell — staging, decluttering, cleaning, and polishing.  Appealing to our senses, carpets are washed to feel plush, walls are painted to look fresh, creaky floorboards are nailed down to eliminate annoying sounds, and plenty of strategies are considered with our sense of smell in mind.   Whether to simply increase appeal, or in an effort to mask undesirable odours, some Sellers employ the use of a wide array of products designed to appeal to the most discerning of sniffers.  😉  But BEWARE: beyond allergies, sensitivities, and the toxic load of many of the artificial products available on the market, individual preferences should be considered.  We have had clients turn away from looking beyond a front door due to not only terrible odours (think: pets, mildew, smoke, fish… and the list goes on!), but overpowering smells (often used to try and conceal the aforementioned problems!) that they simply can’t stomach.  Appealing to ones senses in a sensitive way is not something to take for granted!

The use of Essential Oils is a growing trend that is natural, safe, and less offensive than many potpourri, scented plug-ins, candles, or other products that we have historically seen within a home.  Essential oils are subtle, and support overall health and wellbeing.   They can assist in evoking positive feelings, eradicating odours, cleaning the air, and promoting optimistic moods.  We have incorporated the use of DoTerra Essential Oils into many elements of our lives, and love the many applications they have within our homes.

Essential Oils can be diffused into the air to inhale, and can be added to carrier oils or other natural solutions to help with other household chores.  Here are some great ways you can incorporate their use, specifically if selling your home is a consideration!

1.      Lavender: diffuse to arouse feelings of trust, relaxation and calmness.  A great compliment to a room intended for restfulness.

2.      Purify: This is one of DoTerra’s signature blends that has many household uses.  Diffuse it to eradicate and neutralize odour and clear the air.   Rooms can be quickly freshened by adding a few drops to a cotton ball and discreetly placed in an air vent.  Add a few drops to a water bottle and use to wipe down countertops.  This blend also has antiseptic/antibacterial qualities and is helpful to remove mold or fungus.

3.      Peppermint: This oil is great to provide a boost of energy, and uplift a mood. It also assists with healthy respiratory function and breathing.  Ants despise peppermint, so a drop or two near garbage cans or entry points will effectively help to deter.

4.      Lemon: This oil works effectively to cut grease, disinfect, and purify.  It can be added to a water and vinegar mixture and used as a non-toxic surface cleaner.  Its fresh scent brings an impression of cleanliness.

5.      Teatree Oil (Melaleuca): Use this oil to disinfect and protect – a great oil to polish ‘high touch’ areas such as door knobs.

6.      On Guard: Another proprietary blend, this oil has properties that will clean, disinfect, purify, energize, and uplift.  It is great for diffusing in kitchens and bathrooms.  It can be used to create a natural, non-toxic foaming soap, and can effectively remove carpet stains. It is also a wonderful oil to use for cleaning all hard surfaces.

7.      Cedarwood: Used to help relax and soothe, this oil is earthy and works well to diffuse in living areas, or master closets.

8.      White Fir: This soothing oil brings about feelings of comfort, stability, energy, and relaxation. It is great to diffuse during the holiday season as it is reminiscent of a fresh Christmas tree.  If you’d like a Buyer to envision your environment as a warm place to host festive family gatherings, this one will assist in casting this vision!

9.      Cheer: This is a blend from DoTerra that is fresh, yet warm with a hint of spice.  It is perfect to promote a positive, uplifting environment.  Great to diffuse, its ingredients include: wild orange, clove, Star Anise, Nutmeg, Vanilla, Ginger, and Cinnamon.

10.   Motivate:  Another great oil to diffuse comprised of peppermint, clementine, Coriander, Basil, Rosemary, and Vanilla, this blend will encourage confidence and courage.  The blend of mint and citrus are fresh, clean, and minty.

Creating a comfortable environment is key when selling your home.  The use of essential oils will help to ensure this, and will enhance a prospective Buyer’s experience as they meander through each room and consider your home’s desirability.  Consider optimal presentation techniques, and how you will appeal to the masses in order to leave a positive impression.  Be mindful of allergies………The scents you share with your Buying audience will impact the cents you don’t have to share while negotiating a sale!