listing your home

Listing is no small feat. From first meeting to exchanging keys, I will guide you every step of the way.

Choosing the right Realtor to represent you in your real estate endeavours will make all the difference in your home selling experience. A professional who is protecting your best interests will eliminate unnecessary hiccups in the process, ensure that you make a wise and financially sound investment, and guide you through each step of the moving process. 25 years with Re/Max proudly gives me a leading place in London’s Real Estate Industry placing you ‘top of mind’, aways with an effort to exceed your expectation, leaving you with a confidence and comfort as you settle into wherever `home’ might be.


Take a peek at the list of duties, tasks and responsibilities that I can to do simplify your real estate business and benefit your experience when selling a home.

  • Comprehensive appraisal and comparative market analysis to determine market value of home.  My analysis includes a thorough review of your property’s qualities and special features, recently sold comparables, and your active ‘competition’
  • Guidance to prepare your home to show at its best including coaching on staging, de-cluttering, optimal presentation techniques, and improvement suggestions to maximize value and sale price
  • Submission of your property to MLS (Multiple Listing Service) for maximum exposure to potential buyers
  • Installation of a “For Sale” sign on the property – your ’24 hour advertisement’
  • Scheduling, facilitation, and follow-up on all appointments with feedback and advice gathered for your review
  • Negotiation with your best interests in mind, and responsibility for processing your paperwork appropriately with involved third parties
  • Assistance in moving arrangements to ensure your transition is smooth and enjoyable
  • Still unsure?  Click HERE to take a deeper look at why YOU should hire a Realtor!

Thinking about selling privately?

Attempting to sell your home without the help of a Realtor is a growing trend that appeals to many homeowners. Upon realization of the complexities of the real estate process, however, many people reconsider and enlist the services of a Realtor. Completing a real estate transaction requires time, skill, and experience. Many homeowners determine that they are not equipped to effectively carry out this transaction on their own, and lack the confidence to ensure their best interests are protected.

Many problems can arise when consumers take on the responsibility of selling their home privately:

  • Under-selling based on insufficient knowledge of market and area comparables
  • Legal fees exceeding the cost of Real Estate commission for work that falls to a lawyer in the absence of a Realtor
  • Missing clauses and conditions that fail to protect the Seller and/or put the Seller at a disadvantage
  • Limited exposure to market and missed opportunities to appeal to potential Buyers
  • Full liability resting on the Seller’s shoulders should a problem arise
  • Lack of confidence and a stress-filled process due to no professional assistance

Advantages to working alongside a Realtor include:

  • Access to, and analysis of comparables to ensure you’re priced competitively
  • Negotiating experience – this is huge!!   confidently navigating you through the process to ensure you don’t sell yourself short
  • Unique and powerful marketing
  • Positioning within the industry based on extensive network of professionals to gain exposure
  • Confidence throughout the process to guarantee your best interests are protected
  • Insurance to ensure you are protected and not liable should issues arise.

Historically, I have worked alongside many sellers whose wonder was to sell without the involvement of a Realtor. Upon discussion of intentions and goals, the benefits and repercussions and an assurance of hands on involvement, it has most often been decided that partnerin was a worthwhile decision. I have successfully negotiated many agreements for satisfied clients who would otherwise have attempted to sell privately.

I have the tools and experience to calculate your home’s worth and ensure that you will see the greatest return for your investment.  From reviewing the unique details and special features of your home, to analyzing recently sold comparables, current competition, and the ‘bigger picture’ of the local real estate market, it is my focus to be certain that you are on the right track to a successful sale.

Determining Market Value – Establishing a competitive asking price will attract positive attention and lead to maximum return.  This is no small task in an ever changing Market but experience and honest conversation will be key to helping guide you in through this process. Inaccurate pricing can be detrimental to the successful sale of your home and is risk. I have the ability to show you what this may look like & help you avoid mistakes.

Over-pricing your home will scare off potential Buyers who believe they can’t afford your home. Developing a negative stigma is always a risk when listings linger on the market for long periods of time due to inaccurate pricing. This can lead to consumers questioning what might be wrong and what has deterred others. Over-pricing may also demonstrate that a similar home listed for less is better value, thereby effectively selling the competition. The wrong asking price can lead to detrimental results.

The Listing Agreement

This contract authorizes your Realtor to market and sell your home. It communicates your Realtors’ responsibilities and obligations to you, outlines expectations, provides information about your property, and forms the basis for drafting offers on your home. Here are some highlights of this agreement that we will review with you further:

Price – It is ultimately your decision to choose a listing price. I am able to guide you in this and offer useful advice and feedback regarding how to determine this value.

Commission – There is no standard rate that Realtors must or should charge. Fees might range across the industry depending on Realtor or brokerage, and service will be reflective of such.

Description of the property – All of the details and information regarding the lot, legal description, zoning, style, and size of your home will be documented here.  Special qualities or noteworthy features will also be highlighted and this information will set the foundation for presenting your home to the public.

Completion Date – This clarifies when you would like to move. 60 days is typical, though a closing can be as quick as 15 days from the time an offer is accepted, to 120 days… or longer.

How will the home be shown – All viewings and appointments will be managed and arranged with an ability to tailor around special circumstances.   I make a huge effort to coordinate these requests with you and ensure that special instructions are noted and respected.

Chattels and Fixtures – Chattels refer to movable items that are sometimes included as part of the purchase of the home.  This might include appliances and window treatments. Fixtures refer to items bolted, screwed, or nailed to your home such as light fixtures, and carpet.  They are deemed to be part of the sale unless noted otherwise. Clarification regarding exactly what will be included in the sale of your home will be outlined in your listing agreement.