preparing to sell

I will walk you through the process of selling your home and equip you with all the necessary tools.

Making the decision to sell your home is not always easy.  Before you can begin thinking about packing up your belongings and passing off your keys, much thought must go before preparing your current home for sale.  When should you sell? How will you present your home to potential buyers? What price should your home be listed for?  The list of questions can be endless, and sometimes overwhelming.  I will put your mind at ease and guide you through the process from start to finish.

The Market – A “Buyer’s Market” exists when there are more homes listed than people to purchase.  In this case, the Buyer has the power of choice and tends to control the marketplace.  Alternatively, when fewer homes are listed to meet the needs of those looking to buy, a “Seller’s Market” prevails.  Buyers are typically more eager to snatch up the available inventory, and are often willing to pay more to do it.  Sellers, in this scenario, have greater control over the market and can demand a higher dollar for their properties.  When the number of Sellers and Buyers are equal, the market is referred to as ‘balanced’ and an advantage does not exist over one group or the other.  It’s a simple case of supply and demand – When demand increases, so does price.  When supply is in excess, incentives are required to move product, and price typically suffers as a result.

To Sell and Buy – which one first?  It is possible to negotiate the purchase of a new home dependent on the sale of your current one.  This protects you financially to ensure that you won’t wind up owning two homes (and paying TWO mortgages!) at once.  Alternatively, Sellers can request a long closing date on the sale of their current home to ensure that ample time is provided to find a suitable new home to purchase.  Other options do exist, including “bridge financing.”  This is an agreement with your lender to cover the financial obligation of purchasing a new home before your current home closes.  We will review all the information together and direct you through your options to come up with the right plan for you.

Money Matters – Understanding the financial aspect of your real estate transaction is crucial.  You should speak to your mortgage specialist to understand the terms of your current loan and the implications associated with selling your property.  If refinancing is on your horizon, let us direct you to professionals who may benefit you regarding your choices. 

Put your best foot forward –  Aside from a love of people, I understand that the goals of each client are not always the same. Completing a real estate transaction is one thing to accomplish, but my approach starts long before the listing agreement is signed and extends beyond the closing of your deal. Whether it’s an extra hand to tame neglected landscaping, a painter to touch-up faded walls, a handyman to fix those pesky projects, or a cleaner to make things sparkle – I will do my best to connect the dots and arrange whatever – and whoever – is required to bring your home to its best before it is listed and until it is sold. You can expect suggestions and tips regarding staging and presentation to ensure your property will show at its finest.

AND ~ if a move isn’t part of the `short-term’ plan, I consult for the longer-term. I will shed light on your renovation priorities to explain which improvements will be most beneficial down the road when it comes time to sell.